Automate return process for your Shopify store. Allow customer to submit product returns request without contacting customer service.

  • Self-service returns
  • Send proactive status notifications
  • Manage returns & RMA requests

How it works

  1. Create a Private App in your Shopify admin > Apps > Manage private apps page, with the default permission settings.
  2. Sign up for an AfterShip account for FREE.
  3. In Returns Center, go to Apps > Shopify.
  4. Enter your Shopify store URL, Private App API Key and Private App Password then click Connect.
  5. Your customers can find their Shopify orders in your return page.


With Return Centers, your customers can submit return requests with a few clicks instead of email. You can track & manage all returns requests in one place. Once you approve RMA, shipping instructions will be sent out to customers automatically.

★ Your branded Returns Page

Customizing your Return Centers by adding your brand logo and a custom URL. Improve your brand image and customer experience on return and refund.

★ Email return status

Keep you and your customers in the loop via email for return status.