Returns automation rules

Manage product returns and exchanges more effectively and reduce the time it takes to process returns. Deliver an exceptional post-purchase experience.

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96% of customers would shop with a brand again with an “easy” or “very easy” return experience.

Streamline RMA processing

Reduce the overall cost of returns and optimize delivery time by auto-updating the RMA status once the shipment is delivered.

  • Initiate refunds faster
  • Minimize RMA costs
  • Save time with automation
  • Synced with AfterShip tracking
Streamline RMA processing

Faster refunds. Better brand credibility.

Carry out a quick refund to customers once the order is delivered by automatically updating the status of the returns to “Delivered” or “In-Transit”.

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Build brand trust
  • Foster repeat sales
  • Synced with AfterShip tracking

Improve your bottom line

Optimize your workflow and reduce the burden on your workforce to process each request separately by auto-updating the requests as “Shipment received”.

  • Quick request resolution
  • Reduce return costs
  • Automate refund processing
  • Build brand trust
  • Reduce manual errors

Drive repeat sales

Customers love a seamless return experience. Encourage them to shop again from your store by automating your returns process and fulfilling requests in no time.

Give your customers an engaging & seamless return experience to retain brand loyalty.