Branded returns page

Give your customers an engaging & self-service return experience to retain brand loyalty.

Drive after sales engagement

Give customers a delightful return experience with a custom branded self-service solution.

Automated return process

Enable customers to print return labels in minutes without a single email exchange.

Reduce return rate

Avoid ineligible items and sales items from being returned.

Works well with other platforms

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53% of shoppers check their refund status daily

Give a great first impression

A beautiful and mobile responsive returns page gain customer confidence about your brand.

Fewer ineligible returns. More happy customers.

Display clearly the returns window and non-returnable items to eliminate customer confusion.

Make every return a potential repurchase.

Recapture revenue by giving customers options to exchange or refund to store credit.

  • Refund by original payment method
  • Refund by store credit
  • Resolved by exchange

Offer flexible return methods

Allow shoppers to control how they want to return. Drive customer satisfaction.

  • Prepaid shipping labels
  • Drop-off to FedEx offices or Walgreens
  • Return to stores
  • Customer choice of carrier

Customize return reasons

Collect feedback from customers while keeping the returns process seamless.

Online order number lookup

Start the return process quickly and securely by entering the order number and email address.

Show marketing assets

Display your top featured products to build your repeating customers base.

Customizable returns policy page

Create a simple returns policy to gain customer trust before they make the first purchase.

Display returns history

Give customers visibility into their return requests anytime to reduce their inquiries.

Support multi-language

Offer customers personalized returns experience with the multilingual returns pages.

Give your customers an engaging & seamless return experience to retain brand loyalty.