Return method settings

Allow shoppers to control how they want to return. Drive customer satisfaction.

Seamless returns experience

Allow customers to select easily the returns method instead of reading a long returns policy.

Easy setup

Easily configure returns methods to align with your returns policy.

Enjoy lowest USPS rates

Generate discounted USPS pre-paid return labels. No minimum shipping volume.

Works well with other platforms

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47% of shoppers indicate that an easy-to-print label as the key element of the best returns experience.

Auto-generate return labels of 12 carriers

Provide prepaid return labels upon approval to accelerate the return process.

  • Discounted USPS labels
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • DHL

Allow returns to a store.

70% made new purchases in a store while returning items.

Drop off at FedEx or Walgreens (US only)

Show QR code to return at particular FedEx Offices and Walgreens Locations without printing a label.

Upload label file or tracking number

Manually upload a prepaid return label or allow customers to enter the tracking number.

Boost customer retention with a branded tracking experience.