Returns Center features

Non-returnable rules

Clearly identify which items are eligible for return to eliminate customer confusion.

Reduce return requests

Minimize return requests by letting customers know which items are eligible for returns.

Boost customer satisfaction

Customers love transparency. Let them know upfront what they can return and what cannot.

Increase operational efficiency

Avoid customers from sending ineligible items to the warehouse. Save everyone the hassle.

Works well with other platforms

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44% of distribution center managers consider returned items as a “pain point” in their operations.

30-day or 60-day return policy?

Set a return window easily to avoid unnecessary returns.

Avoid multiple returns per order

Limit your customers to submit only one return request for the same order to reduce costs.

Configure non-returnable items easily

Set specific items as ineligible for return or exchange to minimize returns.

Advanced non-returnable rules

Easily configure your ineligibility rules to further avoid unnecessary returns.

  • By discounted items
  • By product types
  • By product tags

Give your customers an engaging & seamless return experience to retain brand loyalty.