Returns Center features

Refund and exchange settings

Recapture revenue by offering customers store credit or exchange as refund options.

Drive repurchases

See returns as your opportunity to boost customer loyalty and encourge repurchase.

Simple setup

Easily configure refund or exchange settings to align with your returns policy.

Promote customer retention

Processing refund or exchange faster makes customers happy.

Works well with other platforms

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42% made new purchases online while returning items.

Refund or exchange? Let customers decide

Give customers options to control the resolutions to drive customer satisfaction.

  • Refund to store credit
  • Exchange
  • Refund to original payment method

Allow refund to store credit

Offer refund as store credits to encourage customer to shop more.

Select items for fast exchange

Allow customers to select available product variants for exchange during the return request.

  • Show products at the same price or below
  • Show in-stock variants only

Refund faster. Repurchase earlier.

Process partial or full refunds faster to boost customer loyalty and encourage repurchase.

  • Refund automatically (Shopify & Shopify Plus)
  • Issue gift card automatically (Shopify Plus)

Give your customers an engaging & seamless return experience to retain brand loyalty.